winternightsyuu (winternightsyuu) wrote in anime_rp_ads,

Yuri Hentai RP! Wanting partner. <3

Males and females are both welcome! C: <3

Hello, my name is Yuu! I'm craving a deep, lustful Yuri (that's lesbian) Hentai RP. I've been at roleplaying for many years, been hooked ever since, and I am eager to try it again. :3 I've been doing it at and places like that, and I want more of it. Desperate for it...x3 But through e-mail this time.

Gender: Female
Age: Mid-late 20s
Style: Full-para, no 1 or 2 liners, please!
Literacy level: Not to sound mean, but I want my partner to use proper grammar, make use of periods, comma's, etc.
RP medium: Through email OR PMs!

My character bio:

My likes:
-H-core (literally anything)
-Use of toys
-Dirty talk (anything, really.)
-Romance (but not a requirement! :) )
-Squirting (no, not pee. It's the female equivalent to a male's ejaculation)
-I like...ahem...when things turn into a hot mess. x"3
-Public sex
-Best saved for last......a story! :3

Things I hate:
-Underage stuff
-Again, those 2 to 3 liner roleplayers... lol I expect my partner to write maybe more than 10 sentences per turn? :) I don't mind if you write a whole lot, the more, the better!

As for me playing my girl character, I always play either submissive or equal. I also like equal, so my character also gets to choose. But never dominant. So if you only ever play submissive, then don't respond, please.

Soooooo ... Honey, contact me @ ! *wink wink* ;3
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