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D.Grayman RP

D Gratnab
D. Gray-man RP!
Join this community.
We are chat-based on a site located here:
The room is called dxgrayman.

Currently we have no group; but once we have more characters, one will be started.
Looking for ALL OCs, Canons, Exorcists, Noahs, etc.

We prefer para RP [at least four sentences] and up, but quality over quantity is the golden rule. If you have three beautiful sentences... of course we'll make exceptions.

This RP will feature darker themes and some new ideas thrown in.

Join if you are a D.Gray-man fan! We're looking forward to new faces.

Contact: devil_kumiko [@yahoo] for common e-mail and MSN, as well as questions, suggestions, etc, please
message me here, on LJ.

Thank you!

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