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Kingdom Hearts


"Everyone felt it, at some point in time of their life. but this was inexcusable. a sharp burst of anger triggered a horrid time, where the heartless had returned to our world, dragging those who weren't supposed to exist, back to life.

Parts of our souls were ripped out, the anger having stripped some of our memories away. needless to say, it was a flood, and many people started losing their minds - and hearts - to the darkness surrounding the worlds. it was close shave, as most kings and queens went into madness. King Triton was thrown into the prison, trident taken away from him as it was too harmful to use. the Queen of Hearts went comatose with madness, and has been bed ridden ever since. and it seems that almost all of the rulers of the kingdoms, except for King Mickey, had gone insane."

What had happened, exactly? it was to the point where no one could explain it, submerged within a year of suffering. but no one had suffered as much as Sora and Kairi, as their beloved Riku had disappeared yet again into the darkness, intended or not, it broke their hearts, and they set out on a quest to return to Destiny Island with their friend, and defend the light against the darkness in yet another epic journey.

However, it was stronger than they had expected. coming back wounded and sore from their defeat, they were rather confused. why hadn't the keyblade been strong enough to defeat this evil? hadn't it countless times before? was there something different? Sora and Kairi came to the brief conclusion that they needed help. but who to get the help from? a time rip in the worlds had opened up a miraculous way of travel, and people from all over, even hidden worlds that hadn't been discovered, had come to wreak havoc with the darkness, or cast it away with the light.

But maybe...

Just maybe...

"You need to combat the darkness, with darkness."

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