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Endtopia: Brand New Panfandom & OC Fantasy RP opening September 10th

Currently we have no characters; reserves and applications have just opened!
The Mirror of Worlds. A magical device created by the Dark God of Endtopia to aid him in the War of the Gods. After discovering what it could be used for, the other Gods have also began to use it, and now people from hundreds of different worlds are arriving in Endtopia.

As you snap out of the strange daze that had suddenly overcome you, it is in front of this mirror that you find yourself. Rather than a relection, you can see where you were before; your own world right there in front of you. Yet further investigation of the mirror delivers the chilling realisation that you cannot get back that way, because from your new surroundings, you can see you're most definitely not in your own world anymore.

Moments after this discovery, you feel the same daze coming on and once more you're whisked away. This time you find yourself surrounded by strange faces, people you've never seen before. But they look like they've been expecting you, and from the group of equally bewildered people gathered nearby, you can see that you're not the only one.

Soon you discover that this is not some random place you've been dragged to for no reason; you've been brought here to aid one of this world's Gods in their twisted power-struggle. Whether you're willing or not is now up to you...

Endtopia is a PANFANDOM roleplay which allows AU and OU characters and original characters!
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